Need To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Tips For Storing Items In Wet Conditions

10 September 2020
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Owning a home with enough storage space to handle all your family's needs might be ideal, but this may not reflect your situation. While you may have enjoyed all the extra storage after moving in initially, your family may now be using up all the available storage space around your home.

When you are ready to rent a self-storage unit, you should pay attention to what you can do to enjoy a smooth experience. If you live in a tropical climate and plan to rent during rainy season, you should use several tips that can help you store all your belongings with complete confidence.


Protecting your items from the rain is the best way to go about storing them. A reliable way to get the reliable coverage that you need is to park your vehicle inside the garage and then bring items to the garage where the entire area is dry. If you want to use a van or moving truck that cannot fit inside the garage, you should cover belongings with a tarp before stepping outside.

This will allow you to put boxes and items into the truck or van without getting them wet as long as you take your time with removing the tarp since it will have water on the top side.


If you intend on storing any outdoor items, you should go through a careful drying process before loading anything into a vehicle. This is an important step that will prevent your items from deteriorating or suffering from mildew growth due to not being able to dry off inside storage. 


The footwear that you decide to use for storing items will play a major role in your overall experience because you may want to keep water from getting inside the unit. Wearing sneakers that are prone to getting soaked can lead to water puddles in storage while walking around.

An ideal option is to wear rainboots that will not allow any water to be absorbed. This will allow you to make several trips to the car in the rain without worrying about the floor getting soaked. Renting an indoor unit will make it even easier to avoid water complications because the distance that you travel on foot will help your footwear dry off before you reach your storage unit.

If you want to rent a storage unit and use it in wet conditions with confidence, you should follow these tips that can provide you with safe and reliable results.