Moving While Pregnant – Tips To Keep Yourself And Baby Safe

7 November 2019
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Moving at any time in life is challenging, but moving during the last month or two of your pregnancy can be downright miserable. If you're very pregnant and getting ready to move into your family's new home soon, there are several things to keep in mind to keep yourself and your baby safe during the move. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get through it safely and efficiently.

Hire a Local Moving Company          

The best way to get through this while putting yourself at the least risk is to hire a local moving company to help you out. These companies offer a variety of services that you can take advantage of – in fact, if you wanted, you can find a moving service that will not only transport your stuff, but they'll also pack and unpack as much as you request. For more information, contact a local moving company.

Keep Your Doctor's Appointments

It can be easy to get so busy that you think that skipping a doctor's appointment seems harmless, especially towards the end of the pregnancy when you have to go back to the doctor's office so often. The truth is, now that your stress levels are higher because of the move, you'll need to pay even closer attention to how your baby is doing in there.

Note: If you experience any pain, spotting, or symptoms that are outside of the norm for you, call your doctor immediately. You're probably doing more lifting than you should be and not getting the rest that your body needs – pay attention to your body telling you to slow down.

Pre-Prepped Meals

At the time of the move, you're going to be busy, but you don't want to get so busy that you stop eating right. Prepping meals and freezing them now will help you later. Choose meals that you can toss into freezer bags now, and when the time comes to use them, you just have to thaw them enough to get them out of the bag and into a slow cooker or roaster. You'll be so happy to be able to sit down to a good, home-cooked meal in your new home after spending all of your time unpacking and settling in.

These three tips will help you get through this difficult time. Hopefully, a few friends are available to lend you a hand and you'll soon be resting in your new home, counting down the days until baby comes.