3 Tips For Making A Long Distance Move

21 November 2017
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Any move can be stressful, but making the choice to move to a different city or state can be especially difficult. Long distance moves must usually be completed in a single trip, making it important that you plan for your upcoming move carefully.

Here are three tips that you can use to help reduce the stress associated with your upcoming move and streamline the process of relocating to a different city or state.

1. Make sure your pack your belongings carefully.

When you are preparing for a long distance move, you need to exercise caution when packing your belongings. You will probably be loading up boxes filled with your household goods and stacking them in a tractor trailer or moving van.

These boxes will shift and settle during the long drive from your old home to your new one, and the contents of the boxes could become damaged if not packed properly. Use supplemental packing materials to minimize shifting and settling and pack carefully to ensure none of your belongings are damaged during a long distance move.

2. Invest in supplemental insurance.

Many things could go wrong when you are making a long distance move. The truck carrying your belongings could be involved in an accident and your household goods could become damaged or lost.

In order to prevent financial hardship in the event something negative happens to your household items during a long distance move, you should opt to invest in supplemental insurance that will protect your belongings. Most moving companies offer this supplemental insurance, or you can speak to your insurance agent about your options.

3. Keep essential items with you.

Whenever you work with a professional moving company, you need to be aware of the delivery window. This delivery window gives the moving company a span of time in which to arrive at your new home with your belongings, and the arrival of your boxes and furnishings might come after you and your family members arrive.

To ensure that you are able to survive until your moving truck arrives, be sure to keep essential items with you. Pack a bag with spare clothing, bedding, and toiletries so that you will have access to basic comforts while completing a long distance move.

Being prepared for a long distance move will help you avoid some of the stress associated with relocating. Be sure that you pack carefully, invest in supplemental insurance, and keep essential items with you to help streamline your next long distance move.