First Time Mover? How Can You Cut Costs Without Sacrificing Flexibility?

9 February 2016
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Whether you're finally moving out of your childhood home or leaving the college dorm life behind for good, you're likely excited to begin a new chapter of your life in your very own place. However, those moving for the first time often don't have unlimited funds with which to get belongings from place to place, so investigating low-cost options is a must. Read on to learn more about the most cost-conscious ways to swiftly and successfully settle into your new home. 

Invest in Storage Totes

Many budget-conscious movers tend to haunt grocery stores and liquor outlets for discarded heavy-duty cardboard boxes. While these boxes can be ideal for small but dense and heavy items like books, glass or porcelain collectibles, or dishes, you may have trouble fitting larger items inside. You might also be worried about what will happen to the structural integrity of your cardboard boxes if it happens to rain or snow on moving day. 

By purchasing several large plastic storage totes to supplement your other boxes, you'll be able to protect your more delicate belongings from inclement weather and easily pack up large or unwieldy items (like thick comforters or a surround sound system). These totes are a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to cardboard boxes, are available in wheeled versions, and can be reused for storage after you've settled into your home (or even used for a future move).

These storage totes are available from many retailers at a steep discount after the winter holidays, when many homeowners have already packed their holiday decorations away and no longer have as much demand for additional storage. If you're purchasing colored or opaque (rather than clear) totes, you'll also want to get some adhesive labels to make sure your belongings can be labeled for easy identification.  

See What Perks or Discounts are Available

If you're interested in renting a moving truck or hiring movers to assist you, it may be worth investigating available discounts or even "free" services available by virtue of your loyalty to a service provider.

If you're moving into a home or condominium you've purchased through a real estate agent, you may be able to save a substantial amount on moving costs by utilizing an available rental truck owned by the real estate firm. Many of these companies keep a small pickup or box truck on hand for their agents to use as a selling point when attempting to attract new customers. Those planning small-scale or short distance moves may be able to avoid a truck rental fee entirely by banking on your real estate agent's desire to maintain goodwill (and good referrals). 

In other cases, a trade association or even credit card account could provide you with discounts on certain moving services as a condition of membership. It's always worthwhile to investigate these options to ensure you're paying as little as possible for your move (without compromising speed or quality). 

Consider a Storage Unit in the Interim

When your moving schedule is largely at the whim of others -- whether you're depending on friends and family members to help you move large items or are required to vacate your current residence within a short period of time -- arranging a streamlined move while keeping your overall costs low can feel like an impossible task. 

If you're dealing with a situation in which you'll be forced to cram your move into a very brief window of time, you may want to consider renting a short-term storage unit to give yourself a bit more flexibility. By temporarily storing belongings and furniture you won't immediately need, you'll be able to start (and finish) your move on your own schedule, rather than being beholden to a landlord or homebuyer's inflexible timelines. 

However, if you find you do need extra help, consider discussing your financial options with a local moving company, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.