Relocating? Use These Tips And Tricks To Ensure An Accurate Moving Quote

12 August 2015
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Moving to a new home and community can be stressful, but some of the pressure can be relieved by hiring professional movers to get the backbreaking work done for you. Your belongings are protected with insurance while in the hands of your movers, and they have access to all the tools needed to make the job of moving boxes and breakables easy. To budget your move efficiently, it's important to get a moving quote before you start making financial commitments. Continue reading more for tips and tricks you can use to ensure your moving quote is accurate and reliable:

Do Some Purging

It is important to take the time to get rid of everything you won't be bringing with you to the new home before you get a moving quote. Otherwise your quote may include things you don't end up taking when all is said and done, which skews your overall budget. So have everyone in the household go through their belongings and separate the things they want to keep from the things they want to purge, and take your time considering every piece of furniture before including it in your list to be moved.

Is there enough square footage in the new house for all of your current furniture? Is the living room set up similarly, or can you get away with one less chair or end table?  Once you've got a purge pile, you can have a garage sale or hold a community auction for anything of value and use the money toward paying for the move.

Make a Short List

It's also a good idea to make a list of everything oversized, of significant value, and is fragile in any way. Sometimes these things cost a little more than average items so by providing your moving company with a list of items before they create a quote, you can ensure that it's more accurate in the end. You'll want to include things such as:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Glass Tables and Décor
  • Antique Items
  • Expensive Kitchenware (Such as China)
  • Fine Jewelry

You may also be able to get extra insurance coverage for your valuables and breakables that should provide you with the funds to replace them if necessary. When it comes to belongings that are of sentimental value and that can't be replaced, consider moving them yourself. This will ensure that you know exactly where those things are throughout the entirety of your move.

Pinpoint Your Moving Dates

It may not seem like a big deal to get a moving quote based on prospective move dates that haven't yet been set in stone, but the reality is that moving companies tend to base their prices on the time of year it is due to their expected workload. The less busy the company is, the more likely you are to be offered a special of some kind or qualify for off-season rates.

If you're open to moving dates, ask the moving company which dates will save you the most money if you book them and then you can make your decision based on the best rates available. Even if you need to be moved into your new place by a specific date, most moving companies are more than happy to share which days of the week and what types of services will be of best value to you around that time. 

With the help of these extra prep steps, you should be able to save wasted money and create some peace of mind in knowing that your belongings will be well taken care of when they aren't in your hands.