3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Schedule a Moving Day on Friday

28 July 2015
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There's a common myth that Friday is the best day of the week to move home. This myth stems from the fact that Friday is close to the weekend, so many people jump at the chance to avoid taking holidays from work. However, this may be a major mistake. Below is additional info you should know before scheduling your moving day.

There May Be Unexpected Problems with Completion

Friday signals not only the end of the working week but also the beginning of the weekend. Many companies will wind down on Friday afternoons, keeping a keen eye on the clock as they prepare for a relaxing weekend or to socialize with friends and family. It's safe to say that Friday isn't the most productive day of the week for most, and this can cause serious problems when it comes to completing your transaction.

Not only are the risks of non-completion higher, but the consequences are far worse. What happens if your solicitor leaves the office early without transferring the funds for your old home? Most offices will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so you would be stuck until the following week before you can access the funds from selling your old home.

Similarly, something could easily go wrong somewhere down the line, forcing you to wait patiently over the weekend until things get ironed out. If something goes awry, you're essentially homeless for a couple of days and will have to check into a hotel. Therefore, while Fridays may be the most convenient day to move, they also offer the most risk!

There May Be Problems at Your New House

If you've managed to pressure your attorney into sorting the necessary paperwork and have pushed the bank into releasing your funds, you and your family arrive at your new home later notice there's a problem with the boiler or electrical supply. What is your plan of action if you need to make a call after hours?

If it's difficult to get hold of an attorney on a Friday, it's even more difficult to source a reliable tradesman. If you do manage to find one, you'll be paying premium rates for evening and weekend callouts, which will add to the stress and difficulty of your big move. You will have to pay these rates, since you can't go an entire weekend without a suitable energy supply! Therefore, it may be best to schedule your home move on a weekday to ensure you have access to reasonably priced tradesmen should you need them.

It May Be Difficult to Find a Suitable Removal Firm

While your initial thoughts may be to carry out the move on your own, you'll soon realize that it's much more efficient and stress-free to hire a professional removal firm. These companies have a wealth of experience in helping families move and will be to reduce your anxiety and ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

As such, you'll want to schedule your move for a day where you can hire the moving company of your choice. Fridays are by far the most common day to move home, so following the herd will mean that many moving companies will be fully booked on Fridays up to several months in advance. Of course, if you are able to wait, then go right ahead.

However, moving is oftentimes a last-minute rush and you simply don't have the time available to wait on a slot opening up. Therefore, if your moving company is indeed fully booked on Fridays, consider changing to a mid-week moving day that will allow you to use the help of a professional company when relocating out-of-state.